Restaurants & Bars


An exotic range of recipes and delicious dishes  from Mediterranean cuisine, all of which are prepared using top quality produce and made to order. The excellent service you’ll receive from the hotel’s staff and high quality will ensure you enjoy every minute of your stay. Enjoy an authentic gourmet journey with unique and innovative experiences. Discover our restaurants and bars.

Pool Restaurant Maistros


Opening times : ( From 13:00 , last order 21:15)

The most traditional flavours in Mediterranean cuisine presented and focused on fresh garden and market produce, with a wide range of exquisite flavours, aromas and colours to be enjoyed alongside the lagoon pool. Guests on HB may enjoy a 3 meal course from the a la carte menu.  Dress code is “Smart casual” at dinner time.

The Dionysos Grill


Opening times : (18:00 to 23:30)

Fine dining , with soft, streaming light, painted walls and comfortable furniture, creates a relaxing and appeasing atmosphere. Enjoy an extraordinary variety of  fresh fish and meat dishes  that will awaken all your senses.Guests on HB may enjoy a 3 meal course from the a la carte menu.  Dress code is“Smart casual”, long trousers for men.

    Don Dionysos  Mexican Food Restaurant


    Opening times : (18:30 to 22:30)

    Satisfy your craving for Mexican food in our  Mexican restaurant with dishes that are based on traditional roots and old Mexican recipes.  Guests on HB, may enjoy a 3 meal course from the a la carte menu. Dress code is “Smart casual”.

      Amvrosia  Breakfast Restaurant


      Opening times : Breakfast  (7:00 am to 10:00 am)

      After the perfect night’s sleep, start the day in the best possible way. Our breakfast restaurant, Amvrosia offers a varied, healthy and full breakfast buffet with more than 100 fresh, top quality products.


        Souvlaki Corner


        Opening times: (11:0 am to 17:00 pm)

        A spot for fast-casual Greek street food. All the raw materials are sourced by Greek producers and prepared daily. The menu’s specialties are pork and chicken gyros as well grilled pita bread. We invite you to try Greek souvlaki cooked in different ways.


          Apollo  Lobby Bar & Lounge


          Opening times:  (10:00 am to 02:00 am)

          During the long summer nights, the Apollo Lobby Bar & Lounge becomes the best place to be alongside the lagoon pool , with a programme of music events which make it simply unique.A great choice of cocktails and drinks is being served throughout the day.


            Cafe  Greco

            Opening times: (10:00 am to 18:00 pm)

            A good coffee shop isn't just about the drink; You need the right atmosphere, friendly baristas and decent snacks too. Greko Cafe really uppers the game. Whether you're after a snack, an ice cream or a cake, it will surely float your coffee boat.

               Aquarius Swim-Up Bar


              Opening times:  (10:00 am to 18:00 pm)

              Aquarius swim-up bar can entice just about anyone to slip into a swimsuit, and hop in. It doesn’t even matter whether you like alcoholic cocktails or not. The fun of being able to sip on something cold and fruity, or smooth and delicious, while relaxing in the comfort of a swimming pool, is all you need.