Lady enjoying some relaxation at Dionysos Hotel's spa facility, one of the things to do in Ixia, Rhodes

Experience Matters

Whether you are into sports, sightseeing, or simply relaxing, we offer an array of exciting things to do in Ixia, Rhodes, making your stay at Dionysos Hotel a memorable experience tailored to your preferences.


Turkish Bath and Hammam

With the island of Rhodes having been under the influence of the Ottoman Empire for quite some time, we’re happy to reinvent the legacy of the Turkish Bath with a modern twist. Choose among our Turkish Bath and Hammam packages that last anywhere between 45 minutes and 80 minutes, combined with massages and other therapies that will relax and pamper you in unparalleled ways. Check out our online brochure HERE and reserve your session now!


Massage treatments

We know that our guests come here to relax, which is why we’ve teamed up with very talented professional masseurs who provide their treatments in the privacy of your own room. Ask about the different types of massage therapies, book an appointment, then get ready to relax to the fullest (surcharge applies).


Sauna Room

Going on vacation today can also mean taking care of your body. Hot sauna treatments are good to help your relax, detox and rejuvenate the skin, in addition to combatting many ailments. We’ll be happy to book you a session in our onsite dedicated Sauna Room (surcharge applies).


Yoga and meditation classes

There’s a quiet spot under the trees that’s just perfect for yoga exercises. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced yoga enthusiast, you’ll be guided by our talented instructor and our very own “guru” through exercises that will train mind, body and spirit. A relaxing meditation session is optional for those who want to stay after the yoga class and be one with consciousness on our beloved Mediterranean island of Rhodes (surcharge applies). Check out our online brochure HERE and reserve your session now!


Wine tasting

Discover the up-and-coming Greek vineyard! A most amazing wine-tasting experience awaits to introduce you to the internationally acclaimed varieties of the Greek wine scene. Allow our sommelier to guide you through the fascinating world of Greek wines and indulge in our country’s top wine labels.



Feel like playing a game of tennis? Dionysos Hotel has a tennis court right on the property, and it’s free of charge for our guests. We’ve also got some tennis rackets and tennis balls ready for you, so just book a slot at the reception a day or two beforehand, and we’ll be happy to set you up!


Table tennis

A game of table tennis or ping-pong can be great fun. Best of all, it’s available at any time for our guests, so just bring a friend or two along to see who’s the best ping-pong player of all. Grab your drinks, enjoy a friendly game in a tropical setting, see who gets the highest score. All of this right on our premises!



Both young and old enjoy a good game of minigolf! Ideal for a group of friends or as a family activity right on the premises of Dionysos Hotel. You can also meet others who share your appreciation of miniature golf and make new friends!



Time for some friendly competition indoors. Amateurs and enthusiasts of billiards will enjoy knowing we have a billiards table right on the premises, so find your billiards partners and get ready for a match or a good game. A surcharge applies to use the billiards table.


Windsurfing, Wing Foiling, SUP

Just a leisurely walk from the hotel, there’s a windsurfing club that offers a variety of water sports such as windsurfing, wing foiling and stand-up paddling (SUP). Manned by professional surfers and loaded with all the necessary equipment, this club is ideal for both professionals and beginners who want to learn any of these exciting water sports.


Hiking in nature

Gorgeous hikes against a backdrop of mountain trails and seascapes await visitors to the island. Many hiking routes exist on Rhodes, taking you through a myriad of attractions, from historical monuments to natural landscapes. Let our reception team book a hike for you and discover the real beauty of Rhodes beyond the coastline.


Cooking Lessons

Greek Mediterranean cuisine is considered one of the healthiest, and the island of Rhodes hides great culinary secrets that perfectly blend Greek and Anatolian flavours together. Several kitchens around the island headed by seasoned local cooks and chefs open their doors to visitors, giving you the chance to learn healthy, delicious Rhodian cuisine. Just ask the reception to book you a class!


Bike rentals

While there may not be official dedicated cycling paths on the island, Rodos offers a variety of scenic routes to bike through, whether you’re looking for easy flat roads or more challenging hilly ones. Our biking partners next to the hotel will let you grab a bike and go visit the famed Valley of the Butterflies set in beautiful nature, or explore some of the more traditional villages, both inland and by the coast.


Lindos Acropolis

In the gorgeous town of Lindos, sitting imposingly on cliffs that overlook the sea, the Acropolis of Lindos, an impressive temple along with the remains of a fortress will take you on a voyage into a past filled with mythological cults and tyrannical rulers. All this is surrounded by a much more recent town that also has its charms. You can get there by embarking on a boat trip from the port of Rodos, join an overland bus trip or go by car.


Visit to Rhodes Castle

A huge medieval castle once teeming with knights, busy courtyards and impressive turrets? Yes, and it’s a short ride away right in the middle of Rhodes town. The castle is part of the Old Town of Rhodes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that’s worth visiting.


Sailing and boat trips

Fabulous boat tours are on offer to visitors from the town of Rhodes, taking you to a variety of wonderful places, depending on which boat tour you book. Apart from the stunning secluded bays on the way, some of these tours take you to therapeutic hot springs, snorkelling near a shipwreck teaming with marine life, and seaside towns. Attractions that can be accessed with a boat tour include majestic Simi Island and the miracle-giving monastery of Panormitis, the gorgeous town of Lindos with its castle, and amazing secret spots on Rhodes’ coastline. There are also opportunities to rent a sailing boat yourself, with or without a skipper. Get in touch with the reception to find out more.

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