Interior view of Don Dionysos, one of the best Ixia Rhodes restaurants for Mexican food

Restaurants & Bars

Indulge your senses in a culinary journey at Dionysos Hotel’s exquisite restaurants and bars in Ixia, Rhodes. Explore the vibrant flavors and inviting ambiance that make dining with us an unforgettable experience.

Amvrosia Breakfast Restaurant

Starting your day with a superb breakfast can make a holiday really special. That’s why our chefs have carefully designed a generous breakfast buffet, with both European and Greek favourites that will spoil you for choice. Every morning, you’ll be greeted by the best of both worlds, from western favourites such as eggs and bacon

Apollo Lobby Bar & Lounge

Whether you feel like being next to the pool or relaxing in our tropical lobby, you’re going to love the variety of drinks and beverages at the Apollo, named after the god of sunshine, music, dance, truth and healing, among others. The bar promises to deliver on these with its chilled beers, fine local wines,

Aquarius Swim-Up Bar

Nothing beats being in the pool and swimming up to the bar to order your beloved drink as an antidote to all the sunshine. Caribbean cocktails and frozen favourites – from daiquiris to margaritas – are just made to be sipped by the pool, so are the smooth Greek and European chilled beers. You might

Cafe Greco

In Greece we love our coffee, and we serve it in a myriad of ways. To begin with, you must try the famed Greek summer coffee specialties, Freddo Cappuccino and Freddo Espresso, a specialty of our very own trained baristas, who also are great at making ice-blended coffee smoothies. The more classical hot Greek coffee

Don Dionysos Mexican Food Restaurant

Ready for a Latin twist in your Greek island vacation? Head to Don Dionysos for a regal Mexican meal. Start with a bowl of Guacamole and Nachos, order a couple of refreshingly heavenly salads such as Taco Salad and Mexican Salad, then delve into your favourite meaty Mexican fare such as Fajitas, Enchiladas or Chimichangas.

Maistros All Day Pool Restaurant

Lunch by the pool is a must when on vacation, and the Maistros All Day Pool Restaurant will certainly hit the spot when you’re hungry, with its fresh and fabulous Mediterranean cuisine. Do start your meal with the famous Greek Salad or the surprising Cretan Salad before moving on to well-loved plates such as our

Souvlaki Kiosk

Too much swimming and not much time for a sit-down lunch? Or maybe you’re in need of a healthy fast-food boost? You must try the famously well-known Greek chicken and pork skewers, Souvlaki, served either alone or wrapped in a Greek pita bread with veggies. Vegetarians can ask for their own option made with Feta

The Dionysos Grill

There’s something for everyone at the Dionysos Grill, a favourite hangout for those who like an air of fine dining and late-night intimacy. Several mouth-watering salads and starters on the menu will set the stage for a sumptuous variety of main courses, from grilled meats and seafood to pork and pasta. From vegan burgers and

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