• Medieval City of Rhodes

    Rhodes 851 00, Greece .

    The Order of St John of Jerusalem occupied Rhodes from 1309 to 1523 and set about transforming the city into a stronghold. It subsequently came under Turkish and Italian rule. With the Palace of the Grand Masters, the Great Hospital and the Street of the Knights, the Upper Town is one of the most beautiful urban ensembles of the Gothic period. In the Lower Town, Gothic architecture coexists with mosques, public baths and other buildings dating from the Ottoman period.

  • Acroporis of Rhodes

    rhodes .

    The Acropolis stood on the hill now known as Monte Smith. The green and beautifully laid out archaeological park contains the Hellenistic stadium, built in the 3rd century BC, where the athletic events of the Alioi Games took place. These were a part of the major festival of the ancient Rhodians held in honour of the sun-god Helios.

  • Mandraki Port

    Mandraki Port, Plotarchou Plessa, Rhodes, Greece .

    Mandraki is one of the three harbors in Rhodes. It is famous, because it is believed that the great statue of Colossus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, once stood at the harbor entrance. Today the deer sculptures at the entrance, the St. Nicholas Fortress and a number of medieval windmills create a charming view of the harbor. Many boat trips to other nearby islands leave from here. Discover this beautiful historical harbor on this tour.

  • Ancient Ialyssos Filerimos

    Filerimos, Ialisos, Greece .

    Filerimos Hill is the site of the ancient acropolis of Ialyssos with its temple of Athena Polias. In Byzantine times, the hill was used as a fortress and in the 13th century the monastery of the Virgin Mary was built here.

  • Surfline Windsurfing

    Leof. Iraklidon, Ialysos, Greece .

    Getting into fun of windsurfing was never so easy 

  • Air Riders Kiteboarding

    Perigialenis str. .

    The Air Riders spot on Kremasti beach offers empty waters and a clear shore-line

    Which makes learning to kite fun and easy without the hassle of swimmers. The area is free from other water-sports such as windsurfing and jet-skiing. The wide launching area, together with empty seas which you have all to yourself (thanks to the side-shore winds) makes for an easy session on the water. Our waters are also exceptionally safe, as they are

  • Horse back riding Kadmos

    Tris .

    KADMOS Rhodes Horse Riding Club was established in 1996 and in 2000 moved in a 12 acre privately owned property far away from civilization within a forest. Ideal location for nature lovers and the home for our horses.